Aerogarden Harvest 360° First Look

My vegetable garden has been a bit of a bust this year due to weeks of drought and heat. My winter garden tends to do better, but there has been so little rain and I'm struggling to keep it watered. 

I'd been contemplating an Aerogarden for several years and finally decided to try it out when I saw a good Black Friday deal. 

Setup took less than five minutes, so that was a plus. An herb kit came with the Harvest, so I started with dill and parsley, my two favorite herbs. I have some lettuce seed pods coming tomorrow, so I just put the caps on top for now. 

The directions were not very extensive, but the Harvest was pretty easy to set up. I did watch a few Youtube videos by different users to see if they did anything special with their Aerogardens. Most of the tips I got were for pruning, such as to never prune more than 1/3 of the plant at a time. 

I will update on how everything grows in the next few weeks!


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